World Shepherd will mobilize teams that reach out to rural and impoverished areas of the Americas to partner in the creation of animal husbandry systems and attendant lamb meat businesses.  We will use our sheep as a means of communication to allow us to touch the lives of others.

These production systems will be based on local pasture systems and will use the least amount of human consumable grain possible and  the World Shepherd system will have  low environmental impact.

World Shepherd will build and maintain a destination address for extensive educational experiences.

Know your farmer

Greg – is a licensed veterinarian who has served throughout the world in the production of food animals.  His 30 years of experience in animal health and breeding selection adds great value to the genetic selection and grow out of our sheep. In addition to his veterinary degree, his PhD in medical microbiology guides good choices for caring for our animals and land.

Robin- offers our project a background in teaching and administration. As a director of children’s ministry, she brings experience in caring for groups and organizing learners and the materials.

Our children, Carey and Kate, have grown up with a love for the outdoors and all of God’s creatures. Kate’s husband, Louis is an ordained minister.  Carey’s husband is a talented  engineer. All are working on advanced degrees to further science and human condition.

Doc (What’s Up?) is our faithful companion and potential show dog.

When our children were born, we made a decision to use our farm to produce meat and to begin teaching values. Through the years, we have grown our knowledge, our flock, and our business.  Today we rotate animals on a variety of pastures to make full use of the grass and natural resources.

What we believe

We believe in excellence. We are obligated to care for God’s creation and to leave the land better than we found it.  We are expected to give back in response to the gifts we have been given. We are called to live in a respectful, responsible and reasonable manner. Our World Shepherd Project exemplifies those values.