Wool less Sheep Lamb: A Delicacy

Your lamb products from World Shepherd are cryovac’ed. This is vacuum packaging.

Thaw completely before cooking :If you plan ahead and  thaw your lamb in the refrigerator for two – three days before cooking, you will be rewarded.  Our lamb is aged, but freezing and thawing ruptures the cells of the organelles in the muscle and releases more enzymes responsible for aging.

Trim: Trim away any excess fat and membrane.  Fat is white on grass fed lamb.

Sear: Sear the outside of your lamb first. This seals in the juices. Then cook at lower temperature.  Do not score any lamb products except the inside surface of the rib on the rack.

Pull: Pull the lamb from cooking appliance 5°F before it reaches the desired temperature. Cover with foil. It will continue to cook 5-8 °F.

Rest: It is critical that you let your lamb rest before carving and serving. This allows the juices to redistribute into the meat and it won’t be lost as juice on the carving tray.

Don’t overcook!

The biggest culprit for tough grass-fed meat is overcooking. This meat needs to be cooked to Rare to Medium Rare. For well-done meat, cook grass-fed meats at very low temperatures in a sauce to add moisture.

Healthy ways to cook lamb

  • Shoulder: Best to make stew  (Moroccan tagine is ideal)
  • Shank/breast: best braised  (caramelized onions and rosemary)
  • Lamb chops: Best roasted or “Quick Broiled”  (season with cumin and serve with cilantro relish)
  • Rack of Lamb: Best roasted or “Quick Broiled” (wonderful with a Dijon/rosemary baste)
  • Ground Lamb: Best “Healthy Sautéed”  (great “Greek burgers)