Grass Fed, Pasture-Raised Lamb Meat

Our grass fed lamb meat is unique in taste and quality. The taste is better than grain fed meat and more nutritious. The hair sheep with no wool offers a light, clean taste of meat. Research has shown clear health benefits for eating grass fed meats. Grass fed meats are full of health giving conjugated linoleic acid, beta carotene (Vitamin A), and Omega-3 fatty acids. Our lamb is also free from antibiotics, growth promoters and other additives which are an increasing concern for many people. Young lambs from a flock of hairsheep offer the finest lamb that can be found.

  • All products should be placed in the freezer immediately upon receipt. They may be stored in the freezer without any loss of flavor for 3 months. Individually vacuum packaged
  • Shipped with dry ice for safe delivery to your door
  • Our lamb is processed at a government inspected facility just less than 100 miles from our farm. Locally grown and processed.

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